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1MoreRoom.com sells and installs exterior room additions such as offices, guest houses, pool houses,
game rooms, theaters and work shops.  By providing you the basic
room addition ideas, pictures and
designs along with a variety of room addition optional interior and exterior upgrades 1
can put together the perfect space that is just right for your needs and your budget.  

An exterior room addition such as a home office, pool house, guest house, game room, theater or work
shop will add value to your life and your home.  Most
room additions are designed and built from
involving an existing home, an architect, licensed contractor a home owner that is in need for
an additional room.  Room additions that are add-ons or remodels to existing homes are difficult and
expensive and often don't turn out looking like part of the original home design.
  We often see home
owners w
ho contract to have a room addition only to find out it doesn't fit the look and feel of their
es original design.  These home remodel room addition often come with a price much larger then
the actual cost of the home remodel.  T
his is one reason many home owners are opting to build an out
building in their back yard.  

As the price of homes continue to rise many people are looking at adding
home offices, pool houses,
guest houses or out buildings to their existing home rather than moving.  If you do the math with the
cost of the new house and the increase of taxes you'll quickly find that adding a exterior room to your
home is most less expensive and provides the added benefit having a personal space close to home
while not being in the home.  

As more people continue to drop the long commute to work and switch to a home office environment
they quickly realize that a home office in the home doesn't always work well.  Between the added paper
work and mail that ends up in the master bedroom or the screaming kids during an important phone
call people quickly realize something lost in the home office idea.  

MoreRoom.com exterior room additions are a great source for flexible space.  Room additions can be
used as an external offices, pool houses, bungalows, a screened in garden house,  a guest house or
weekend end sports retreat.  You can add built in Murphy beds, surround sound systems with large
TV's or even turn it into an exercise room.   Maybe your kids are soon to be out of the house and what
was once needed as an office can now be turned into an hobby room work shop or a private
meditation sanctuary.  One of the best aspects of your new exterior room addition is that you can
decorate it however you want for a fraction redecorating your entire home.  How would you like to have
your own little cottage to decorate just how you want it?  Or a sport fanatics dream with every picture
your spouse want let you put in the house.  

So don't hesitate, call us today to find out how an
exterior room addition can improve your home life
and home value.  

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Our 1MoreRoom.com consultants will work for you from start to finish.  Giving giving you confidence and peace
of mind knowing that you will get what you pay for.  Our well trained consultants will walk you through the
process of designing, fabrication and installation of your new office, guest home, game room or pool house.